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530 – 10333 Southport Rd. S.W.
Calgary, AB  T2W 3X6

Smart Runner Workshop




     Since its inception in 2004, the Smart Runner workshop has been the only place for keen runners to learn practical applications of the latest running research.  Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies are done on running globally each year making it hard to keep up with the latest evidence on how to run smarter, faster and with less risk of injury. 


     Sport Specialist Dr. Dale Macdonald does the heavy lifting for you; paring down the important points from these studies and sharing them in a way that is interesting, easy to understand and immediately applicable to your own running.  Joined by exercise physiologist Daniel Crumback and elite distance runner (and winner of the 2015 Wings For Life World Run – Canada) Blaine Penny, Dr. Macdonald joins with industry experts to help you focus in on what’s important for 2016.  Sponsored by Red Bull, FitterFirst, Mizuno and Canada Diagnostic Centres, this workshop is a wealth of information for runners of all disciplines and skill levels. 


     Snacks will be provided and there will be a dynamic component so please bring something that you can do a small bit of running in.  Please also bring something to write with as you will definitely want to take notes.  They say knowledge is power, but in this case knowledge is performance!  Don’t miss your chance to run smarter this year.



Price: $75.  Less than the cost of a typical physiotherapy visit!  To sweeten the deal even more, each attendee will receive a FREE wobble board from FitterFirst; valued at $45.



            Edmonton                                             Calgary

           Saturday April 30th 2016                        Sunday May 1st 2016

           8:00am - 12:30pm                                   8:00am - 12:30pm

           University of Alberta                               Mount Royal University 

           Lister Hall                                                Centre for Continuous Learning

           Maple Leaf Room                                    Rose Glen Hall

           11613 87 Ave NW,                                  4825 Mt Royal Gate SW, 

           Edmonton, AB T6G 2H6                         Calgary, AB T3E 7N5


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