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Elite Sport Performance
530 – 10333 Southport Rd. S.W.
Calgary, AB  T2W 3X6

Welcome to Elite Sport Performance

Collaborative Care, Focused Results


Elite Sport Performance is the leading multidisciplinary health clinic in Calgary. We're pleased to welcome you to our website, and encourage you to take a look around.


76% of our patients are runners, and nearly all fit the profile of "active".  Calgarians are among the most active citizens in North America, and we're here to help!


Our plans of management are based on well-established guidelines for rehabilitative conservative care. Most of our treatment regimes consist of 5 - 12 treatments depending on factors such as severity and chronicity. We utilize the most current evidence-based methods to help you not only to recover from injury, but to perform optimally in your activity of choice.


We're located at 530 - 10333 Southport Rd. S.W. Give us a call to get started on your path to optimal performance.